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JLCS encourage you to quit smoking.

The JLCS participates in the Tobacco Control Medical-Dental Research Network to exchange and share information with other societies about smoking and tobacco control, conduct research on the diseases caused by smoking and on smoking cessation methods and drugs, to disseminate information and educate the public about the harm caused by smoking and about how to quit, and to conduct social anti-smoking activities as a way to prevent passive smoking.

Four associated societies (Japanese Circulation Society, Japan Lung Cancer Society, Japan Cancer Association, and Japanese Respiratory Society) work together to promote more active anti-smoking campaigns, including producing and distributing standard procedures for smoking cessation treatments. The JLCS has produced the Pearl and White Ribbon badge (lung cancer elimination / anti-smoking promotion) for sale as a symbol of the promotion of the anti-smoking campaign. Japanese only. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship the badge overseas.