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Guidebook for lung cancer patients and families

In 2019, based on the “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer”, which are aimed at physicians, the JLCS published a guidebook for lung cancer patients and their families to help patients to obtain the best treatment.

The patient guidebook must be something that responds to the questions and concerns of the patients who read it. Therefore, based on “Lung Cancer Q&A,” a guidebook for patients published in 2007, we compiled the questions asked by patients at public lectures held by the West Japan Oncology Group (WJOG) in nearly 20 years, modified and improved the responses to suit the changes in the times, and published them as the “JLCS Guidebook for Lung Cancer Patients and Family”. To make the content more accessible, patients’ groups were included in the editorial committee as representatives of the readers, namely patients and their families.

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