About us


  • 1960 "The Society for the Study of Lung Cancer" was first established.
  • 1966 The society was renamed officially as "The Japan Lung Cancer Society".
  • 2007.9.3 The establishment a "A non Profit organization The Japan Lung Cancer Society".


  • The Japan Lung Cancer Society aims at promoting diverse research on lung cancer and its related fields, as well as helping to diffuse knowledge and understanding of the disease among society.


The Japan Lung Cancer Society aims to advance research on lung cancer and related fields, develop patients’ care, and disseminate knowledge. We will contribute to the promotion of human health and welfare while cooperating deeply with the society.


The Japan Lung Cancer Society will realize a world where people are free from lung cancer, and a world where lung cancer is cured.

Core Value

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  • To hold various meetings and congresses for members
  • To publish official publications and books such as journals and proceedings.
  • Research, study and education concerning lung cancer.
  • Close contact, cooperation and coordination with related academic organizations at home and abroad.
  • Other activities related to achieving the aims of the Society.


  • Regular members: 7,305
  • Associate member: 258
  • Honorary Members (including Honorary President): 29
  • Special members: 222
  • Supporting members: 9groups

(as of Mar, 2021)


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